Expressions by Em wedding etiquette

There are certain rules of etiquette that should be used when writing a formal invitation. If your wedding is less formal, you have the freedom to be more creative. Here are some common details and etiquette rules that should be followed when wording your wedding invitations:

• Write out Bride and Groom names in full including middle names.

• It is appropriate to use the British spelling of the words honour and favour. However you are more than welcome to use the American spellings.

• The correct wording for a wedding held in a church is “request the honour of your presence.” Should you be getting married in a less formal setting, you can use the wording of “request the pleasure of your company.”

• Spell out all words including date, time and year.

• Do not include zip codes on invitations.

• No punctuation is necessary.

• Roman numerals are preferred rather than the second or 2nd.

• It is considered rude to write “no children” on the invitation. Most people know that who’s name is listed on the envelope are the only ones to be invited. There are many proper and respectful ways to let your guests know your wedding is for adults only.

• Listing your gift registry on an insert card is up to you. Some consider this rude, others find it handy. This is all personal preference.

• It is common and traditional to use a full, formal name and address on the envelope.

• Only use abbreviations “Mr., Mrs. or Ms.”

• Do not use abbreviations for street names or state names.

The rules of etiquette listed are only suggestions. You are free to word your invitations in the way you and your significant other choose.

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