Expressions by Em Terms, Conditions and Policies

PROOFREADING. You are responsible for checking all spelling and grammar on your artwork and designs. Expressions by Em is NOT responsible for proofreading or errors after Client has approved final artwork. If an error is found after the Client has given Expressions by Em final artwork approval to go to production, Client is responsible for additional charges for reprints. To ensure these issues don’t happen, Expressions by Em sends you electronic proofs, physical printed proofs and final electronic proofs. PROOFREAD CAREFULLY!


PICKUPS/DELIVERIES/SHIPPING. Expressions by Em strives to make things as easy for you as possible. We are able to deliver your products to you depending on your location. Deliveries are determined based on distance to Client from Expressions by Em’s office. We do however encourage you to pick up your items at Expressions by Em. We will ship your stationery items to you as well if you are out of our delivery and pick up area. We are not responsible for how the Post Office and UPS carriers handle your package. We do package all stationery items with the utmost care so that damage doesn't happen in transit. Our shipping prices are in flat fees in increments of $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 and up.


SALES TAX. Expressions by Em charges 7% sales tax for all print and design items.


APPOINTMENTS/SCHEDULING. Expressions by Em is a home based business so we are able to work with your schedule. We are able to meet for appointments during the week, weekends and evenings. Please be courteous in being on time for appointments as we often have more than one appointment scheduled per day. If you are unable to make your appointment please be courteous in canceling in a prompt manner preferably 24 hours in advance.


PHONE CALLS/TEXT MESSAGES. Expressions by Em uses the same phone line for personal and business calls. Please attempt to make phone calls Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. Emails are accepted anytime, day or night. We do allow texting however please use full words, sentences and avoid text lingo. If you are texting for the first time to Emily please clarify who you are. We don’t always save your number in our phone. Text message hours are the same as calling hours. Please note that we do accept calls and texts on the weekends however you may not always get a response until the next Monday.


DEPOSITS. At the time of signing this Agreement, Client shall pay Designer a non refundable deposit against the total balance due. If the deposit exceeds total balance due, the credit balance shall be used to reduce the total fee payable. See Schedule of Payment for additional information on payment and billing. All deposits are non refundable. Additional fees may be incurred and will be payable to Expressions by Em for work done up to the point of cancellation for any reason.


SCHEDULE OF PAYMENT. Client agrees to pay the Designer within 30 days of the date of Designer’s billing which shall be dated as the delivery date of the Designs. Invoices are payable upon receipt. If payment is not paid within 30 days of the date of invoice, Client is subject to 20% of total bill late fees every 30 days of unpaid invoice. Any insufficient funds will be subject to reimbursement to the Designer of the insufficient balance plus a $50 service charge.


PROJECT DEADLINES/TURN AROUND TIME. Expressions by Em works around your schedule to make sure you receive your stationery and design items in a timely manner. However, we do ask that you allow us at least a week to turn around your items if you are under a tight deadline. We are not responsible if you choose to not approve proofs in the deadline you are working under. We ask that when we get to the final approval stage that you approve final designs/artwork in a timely manner so that we may take your artwork to production to get your project to you as quickly as possible. Initial designs will be sent to Client within two to four weeks upon receipt of deposit and signing of agreement.


ADDITIONAL INFO. It is understood that any and all designs, proofs and artwork remain the property of Emily Heim and may be used for advertising, displays, web site samples or any other purpose thought proper by Emily Heim. All designs and products are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without permission from Expressions by Em. The information in the contract and agreement is legally binding once both parties have signed. Clients receive a low resolution Adobe PDF document for review with a copyright watermark so that it cannot be used without purchase. All logos created by Expressions by Em are subject to price changes due to length and usage of logo.


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